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LUMC Calendar 2015/2016 - Click to expand

September - Click to expand

Thursday 24th - Friday 25th: Fresher's Fair
Monday 28th: Awesome Walls beginner session (4:15 pm)
Wednesday 30th: Awesome Walls beginner session (1:15 pm)


October - Click to expand

Thursday 1st: Freshers at the Hangar (Learn to Boulder)
Friday 2nd: Freshers house party
Monday 5th: Climbing hangar
Monday 5th: Bouldering Squad selection
Tuesday 6th: Awesome Walls beginner session (4:15)
Wednesday 7th: Awesome Walls beginner session (1:15)
Thursday 8th October: After bouldering (uni wall) social at Hope & Anchor
Friday 9th: Round one of WBL at The Hangar
Saturday 10th: Fresher's Climbing Day Trip
Sunday 11th: Fresher's Walking Day Trip
Wednesday 14th: First AU night
Saturday 17th: Women's Climbing Symposium
Tuesday 20th: Walking Leader Training
Tuesday 20th: Go Outdoor trip
Wednesday 21st: NUBS (Liverpool Climbing Hangar)
Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th: Climbing Weekend trip in Peaks
Saturday 24th: Climbing day trip in Peaks (Meeting the weekenders)
Sunday 25th: Walking day trip in Snowdonia
Thursday 29th: Winter Scotland info night


November - Click to expand

Monday 2nd: V12 Gear night
Tuesday 3rd: Walking Leader Training
Friday 6th - Sunday 8th: Walking and Climbing in trip Wales
Wednesday 11th: AU night
Friday 13th : Round two of WBL at The Hangar
Tuesday 17th: BMC seminar
Wednesday 18th: NUBS (Leeds City Bloc)
Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd: Meet with ICMC at their hut in Wales
Tuesday 24th: Walking Leader Training
Wednesday 25th: National Uni Lead Climbing Comp (Sheff)
Thursday 26th:Come Climb With me
Saturday 28th:Walking Day Trip


December - Click to expand

Wednesday 2nd: AU Winter ball
Friday 4th: Round three of WBL at The Hangar
Saturday 5th: Pub Golf (date tbc)
Wednesday 9th: NUBS (Manchester Rockover)
Friday 11th - Saturday 13th: Walking trip in the Lakes
Tuesday 15th: Christmas Meal
Monday 21st - Friday 8th January: Christmas Break
Monday 28th - Monday 4th January: Winter Scotland



Friday 15th: Round four of WBL at The Hangar



Friday 5th: Round Five of WBL at The Hangar
Friday 5th - Sunday 7th: Mixed trip to Bryn Brethynau
Wednesday 10th: NUBS (Sheffield Climbing Works)
Wednesday 17th: FLASHED! Local bouldering comp at The Hangar
Saturday 20th: BUCS
Friday 26th: BANFF Film Festival



Wednesday 2nd: AU night
Saturday 5th: Walking day trip
Friday 11th: Final Round of WBL - UV night - at The Hangar
Friday 12th - Sunday 14th: Weekend trip in Tremadog, Wales
Wednesday 16th - LUMC AGM, Come voice your opinion
Friday 18th: Beer bus



Monday 4th - Sunday 10th: Font trip in France
Saturday 16th: Walking day trip
Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th: Don Whilliams Leaders weekend trip
Saturday 30th - Sunday 1st May: Three Peaks Challenge (provisional)



Wednesday 4th: AU Summer Ball


LUMC Calendar 2016/2017


Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd: Fresher's Fair


Saturday 1st: Fresher's House Party
Friday 7th: Round One of WBL at The Hangar
Saturday 8th: Fresher's Walking day Trip
Saturday 8th: Women's Climbing Symposium
Sunday 9th: Fresher's Climbing day Trip
Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd: Peaks Climbing Trip (Fallcliffe hut)
Saturday 22nd: Peaks Climbing day Trip
Sunday 23rd: Walking day Trip


Friday 4th - Sunday 6th: Mixed trip to Snowdonia (Blaen y Nant)
Friday 11th: Round Two of WBL at The Hangar
Saturday 12th: Pub Golf
Saturday 19th: Walking Day trip


Friday 9th: Round Three of WBL at The Hangar
Friday 9th - Sunday 11th: Walking trip to Coniston
Tuesday 13th: Christmas Meal
Wednesday 28th - Wednesday 4th January: Winter Scotland


Friday 13th: Round Four of WBL at The Hangar
Friday 27th - Sunday 29th: Mixed trip to Caseg Fraith


Friday 10th: Round Five of WBL at The Hangar
Sunday 12th:Walking Day Trip
Saturday 25th:Walking Day Trip