Liverpool University Mountaineering Club

LUMC Sponsors

LUMC is fortunate to have amazing sponsors, all of whom contribute to our club being a success.

The Climbing Hangar

The Hangar are new sponsors this year, and will not only feature on our club hoodies, but also offer exclusive member discounts at our favourite climbing venue. We're super excited about this deal, and know it is the start of a great relationship.

The Hangar is the best and biggest Bouldering wall in the North West, offering an incredible range of routes to test everyone’s abilities. It has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making the bouldering even more fun!
You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on their website.

The Smart Explorer

A some what different sponsership comes from within the uni itself! Providing high end active technology, including action cameras and battery packs. They will providing club members with exclusive discounts, as well as providing the club with action cameras to show what we get up to.

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and on their website.

The Hope & Acnhor

LUMC's local pub, situated right near the uni bouldering wall, the Hope & Anchor are another new Sponsor of ours. After a great session at the university bouldering wall, we will head here to enjoy food and drink. The have agreed to reserve us a table, and give us an exclusive discount!
You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and on their website.

Sport Liverpool

As a University of Liverpool club, Sport Liverpool support us hugely and ensure we are running correctly.
You can find them on Twitter, Facebook and on their website.

The Friends of The University of Liverpool

For the first time in LUMC history, we applied for a grant by the Friends of The Universtiy of Liverpool. They have kindly awarded us a £3,000 grant to be spend on equipment. This will ensure the sustainability of the club, allowing us to invest in equipment, increase participation in climbing and extend the range of activities we are able to provide.
You can find their website here.

Pinnacle Students

Finally also a new sponsor of ours, Pinnacle, secured a deal with Sport Liverpool to be our main sponsor, and will feature on club vests used during competitions
You can find them on Twitter, and on their website.